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Charger Part #Charger DescriptionCharger PictureCharger Price

Dual Pro
2 - 10 Amp Banks
12/24 Volt
Water Proof
3 - Year Warranty

Dual Pro SS2 2 Bank, 10 Amp per bank marine charger$229.00

225 Amp Engine Start
65 Amp Rapid Charge
40 Amp Fast Charge
20 Amp Charge
2 Amp Trickle Charge

12 Volt Timer/Hold Charger, Capable of 2/20/40/65/225 Amp$199.00

Charges 6 and 12 volt batteries
6 Amp Charge rate
2 Amp Charge rate

12 or 6v Manual Charger$49.00

6/12 Volt Fully Automatic
1.5 Amp Battery Maintainer
For use with:
Classic Cars
Marine Batterys
Anything that sits for long periods

6/12 Volt Battery Maintainer, capable of 1.5 Amps$39.00

24V 5A Fan Cooled Three Stage Automatic Charger/Maintainer for AGM
Electric Wheelchair Charger

12 or 6v Manual Charger$89.00